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Ghosts of Christmas Past CD

An intimate, acoustic fireside collection of holiday classics and original songs.

Rearview Mirror CD

The last song Phil Christie wrote for his new CD became its title and is the one that most defined it. Rearview Mirror with its images of looking back and reflecting on love lost, love won, dreams unfulfilled and those dreams that may still yet come true are a unifying thread throughout the recording's ten tracks.

Summerstown CD

Personal and engaging, Christie's music exemplifies the classic singer/songwriter tradition. Rich storytelling, heartfelt emotions, and shimmering arrangements make this collection a must have for fans of AC acoustic pop, folk, and country.

Beginnings CD

A collection of Phil's Canadian radio releases and early demos. Includes the singles "Anytime Now", "I Can't Hold On", and "Hurricane."   $15 US / $18 CANADA.  Email us at for payment information.